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Monday, June 22, 2009


U said the hardest thing in life is to let go of something you love,
well it seems tht ur right ol along,its not easy letting go of things tht you cherish like hell.
but eventually it kills you inside and made u suffer more and more each day.

till after a year,i still have those memories stuck in my mind.

i realized tht ur not something small in my life,
i realized tht apart of me still says i miss you but i know tht it hurts to love you still.
i knw tht you will never knw tht i said i give up being by ur side strting frm last, im sorry.
i just cant bear the pain anymore. for once,i want to cheer myself up and have my own freedom.

Dear God,
give me strength to forget all of this madness ive been goin thru,
give me the heart and soul of a person who wants to be happy and live her life with no regrets,
give me a brain so tht i will think wisely and stop believing in ppl's words,
give me the strength to stand up for myself and tell myself each day tht its not worth it believing in ppl tht you knw you'll regret believing in them

thnks for the love tht u shown
you did it just by ur own
and for the simplest words tht made me cry
i shall remember it till the day i die.

forgive me for all the wrongdoings tht ive done to you

i learned frm a story,

a soulmate is someone tht was too meaningful for you and eventho you love em,
you just have to let em go bcs you deserve smone better,and they will always be with you no matter what,through all the heartbreaks,the joys,and the laughters,he's the love of your life.

you may not be the one tht i can say iloveyou each night as a lover,
u were so much more than tht,it's beyond explanation.
i knw tht u hurt me,
but,i let em all go.

This s last entry I wrote about us, promise tht! I will! After a year, I hope true love will bcme from s`one who realy knw wht is CINTA!

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Anonymous said...

alamak... x jelas plak ape tulisan kt hp tu..

nuyoi_noya said...

betol2 tak jelas..nampak syg jer herherher

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